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Block Ads

    It all starts with a BLOCK AD like the one you clicked on that brought you to this page. The BLOCK AD gets viewers' attention and invites them to click on it. When they do - it immediately takes them to your information! Your BLOCK AD can be linked to a custom AD PAGE hosted on WatchUsNow that has complete information with a strong graphic design for maximum impact -- or to your FEATURES PAGE on WatchUsNow - or to your own business or personal web site!

To see how this works, look to the left at the side bar ads:
    •   Click on the Charlotte St. Computers BLOCK AD and it takes you straight
         to their custom AD PAGE.
    •   Click on the Spirals LaJolla BLOCK AD and it takes you straight to their
    •   Click on the HubbaHubba BLOCK AD and it takes you straight to one of
         our business web site! (as an example)

    It's easy to get this done! You provide the information and we design and create the BLOCK AD to your specifications. Or, you can send us the graphic BLOCK AD that you've prepared to our size specifications and we.ll have it up and ready to go fast.

    Internet advertising works for you 24/7 and reaches from around the block to around the world, at a very low cost.

    For information on getting a BLOCK AD, AD PAGE or a FEATURES PAGE
contact us today! We'll get back to you promptly with rates and more information.
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Now Everyone Can Watch Your Band Perform and
Listen to Your Music 24/7 on WatchUsNow.com!

      Get more impact with an Ad Page, with information about your band, a group photo and your band's music playing! An Ad Page (with a Block Ad that links to it)will get things rockin' for your group and create some buzz for the band. For an example of this, click on the Picante Block Ad to the left on the side bar. This will take you to their Ad Page .

      Make your best moves on a Video Page! You provide a video (or we can have one produced for you at an additional charge). Information about your band will be included on a custom designed page for the video.

      That's it! WatchUsNow.com will have you on the Internet for everyone to see 24/7 at a very reasonable cost. We believe in quality productions, and you will be pleased to send club owners, booking agents, friends and many others to your Ad Page or Video Page.

      This is the newest, hottest, and most effective kind of promotion for bands! Contact us now to take advant age of this limited time offer!

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Live Cams

      Promote your business, pleasure, hobby, craft shop, neighborhood, city, or just about anything by having a Live Cam broadcasting live streaming video 24/7 on WatchUsNow.

      Got a Live Cam up and going, or do you need help in getting one set up? Either way, contact us today. We've got expert help to link your cam to us or advice on equipment and setup to get you going. If you like, we can handle it all for you. Let's get started!
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      There are many ways a Features Page or a Features Video Page can work for you! Click on the Spirals side bar ad to the left for an example of a Features Video Page.

      Own a business? Are you an artist, painter, author, sculptor or poet? Do you restore cars, trains, airplanes or toys and want to share your work? Would you like to publish your reading of your writing?

      If you want people to share your world and see what's important to you, contact us today. We can professionally produce videos that will present you and what you do for everyone to see and enjoy.

      Want to do it yourself? Send us your video (recorded to our specifications) and we'll format it and send it out over the internet streaming to your viewers.
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      Do you have film or video of an event you want on the internet, or do you want us to professionally produce it for you? Either way we can make it happen.

      Weddings, birthdays, births, holiday gatherings, reunions, graduations, and more are perfect for an EVENTS feature. Streaming videos or a lovely collage of still photographs set to music will bring joy to all who view it, over and over again.

      Your event will be posted, then archived for as long as you want it to remain available for viewing. For information on getting your event posted, contact us!
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Slice Of Life Sponsorship

      Be a part of this unique vision. These videos are fun and free to all viewers and are an expression of Diane's experiences with people, places and things. Block Ad placement on Diane's Slice Of Life side bar is open to those who want to support her creativity.

      By sponsoring Diane, you'll enable her to continue her mission with your financial encouragement. Plus, you have a built in connection to her viewers by putting your Advertisement right there on the page, ready for them to click on your Ad and go to your product, event, place, or wherever you want.

      Side Bar Ads for sponsors can link to anywhere on the web. For possibilities, see the BLOCK ADS information on this page. Pricing for Sponsorship is different from advertising on other pages so select Slice Of Life on your contact us submission.Contact Us!
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